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Transdev would like to thank all its employees, especially those in the field who, every day, transport those who need it most.

What's New

To meet the new needs of hospitals and care centres related to the COVID-19 crisis, Transdev Canada is adapting its historical medical transportation services in Ontario and creating new services for hospitals in Quebec.

Limocar by Transdev receives a fresh, new modern look. Everything has been redesigned to complement the high quality of service we offer to travellers between Sherbrooke and Montreal.

Transdev launched an AV public shuttle service on open roads, in the heart of Montreal, with two EasyMile autonomous shuttles, in a pilot that ran extend from 21 June to 4 August of 2019.

With this acquisition, Transdev Canada will now have 2,600 employees providing transportation services across Quebec and Ontario and will complete 36 million passenger trips per year.

The survey highlights a major inflection point in many aspects: acceleration of digital solutions, growing importance customer-centricity, interest in last-mile first-mile solutions and more.

This contract is run out of our Saint-Phillipe location, making this the largest Transdev operating division in Quebec, serving both Roussillon and Le Richelain and totaling 110 drivers, 78 buses, and many other supporting staff members.

Transdev is part of the winning PPP consortium and is currently advising its partners throughout the construction process.

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