Transdev Canada Deploys Autonomous Shuttle Pilot in Montreal

As a pioneer in testing, developing and deploying shared autonomous mobility, Transdev is launching an AV public shuttle service on open roads, in the heart of Montreal, with two EasyMile autonomous shuttles, in a pilot that will extend from 21 June to 4 August of 2019.

Since May 2018, pilot projects for automated vehicles on public roads in Quebec have been permitted, subject to the approval of the Minister of Transport. Transdev has since developed several large-scale projects, including an autonomous mobility shuttle which was tested within Montreal’s Olympic Park and Stadium for several weeks in fall of 2018.

Since June 21, of 2019, Transdev and the City of Montreal have reached a new milestone: a pilot autonomous shuttles deployment in a dense urban environment, in normal traffic, connecting Montreal’s Olympic Park metro station with the popular Maisonneuve Market.

In this project, Transdev operates EasyMile autonomous shuttles that circulate in normal daily traffic conditions, crossing intersections equipped with intelligent traffic signals with which the shuttles communicate, thus providing useful connectivity to the inhabitants of Montreal, as it shuttles between the Olympic Park and the Maisonneuve Market.

The circuit covers a distance of 1.4km, which takes about 6 minutes with an average speed of 15km/h. On board, Transdev operators welcome and inform passengers, and guarantee the safety of all aspects of the vehicle’s performance throughout the journey.

At the official launch on June 27, Arthur Nicolet, Chief Executive Officer of Transdev Canada emphasized: « Each step of this deployment allows us to address technological challenges, as well as to test consumer acceptance of these new modes of transport. We are proud to contribute to the development of autonomous mobility in Canada, and especially here in Montreal, and are committed to safely evolve. People in Montreal are very open to discovering new mobility options that will shape the future and we are very pleased to offer this carefuly designed pilot option to them. »

The service is free and open to all public, from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, from 21 June to 4 August 2019.

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