The emerging future of mobility will be increasingly Personalized, Autonomous, Connected and Electric—PACE.

Transit agencies face increasing demands for more service, better connections, real-time information and rising passenger expectations are rising. As a leading operator and global integrator of shared mobility, Transdev helps you meet these challenges, delivering the quality transit solutions your community deserves.

35% lower costs
in paratransit
on average

35% lower costs
in paratransit
on average


Modes, journeys and information are and will continue to be tailored to match individual users and their needs. Transdev is committed to collecting and analyzing data for insightful decisions about scheduling, routing and service design, thus providing the best suitable solution to help answer individual needs.


Autonomous shuttles and pods will increasingly be integrated into public transportation. Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders are implementing solutions in a series of robust pilots in the U.S., France, Australia, Netherlands, and more.


Digital solutions in the palm of passengers’ hands anticipate mobility needs at any time of day. These will become increasingly more helpful, accurate and predictive—to connect passengers to the best information at every step in their journey.


Zero-emission mobility will further minimize public transit’s environmental impact. Transdev operates 500 electric buses as the world’s largest operator of electric buses outside of China.


Integrated Trip Planning

In Toronto, Cityway created TripLinx, an integrated trip planner with all available modes, for a consortium of the 20 transit agencies in the region. A subsidiary of Transdev, Cityway delivers sophisticated, customized technology projects with expertise in intermodal trip-planning for MaaS, plus first- and last-mile solutions, electronic ticketing and more.

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Empowering Operators to View and Manage Their Day

Connected Driver helps operators communicate with their supervisors and colleagues, and manage key day-to-day activities efficiently and conveniently. The app is integrated with our dispatch and time keeping system and is thus fully configurable with work rules agreed to in collective bargaining agreements. Drivers have access to relevant information at their fingertips, which has helped improve morale and reduce absenteeism.


Helping Clients Manage Complex Public Transit Projects

The go-to partner for project managers and local authorities, Transamo, a subsidiary of Transdev, excels in providing support for transit projects from A to Z. The management of large-scale projects is a world unto itself. Transamo helps municipalities create and implement the technical, legal and administrative framework for transit projects, and assist in managing the calls for tenders for vehicle purchases. Transamo works closely with all parties involved to facilitate discussion, decision-making, according to the client’s demand.

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Expanding Your Mobility Ecosystem

Launch operations that blend seamlessly with existing mobility solutions, expand connections within your community, and enhance the footprint of public transit. Transdev is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, capitalizing on decades of management and operational expertise.

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