Transit Leader Survey

Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Mobility

We are pleased to share with you the results of our barometer survey conducted in 2018 in five countries and, for the first time, in Canada. More than 80 Canadian decision-makers, representatives of transportation authorities, municipalities and communities shared their challenges today and their vision of tomorrow’s mobility.

They were interviewed via an online questionnaire administered by Ipsos; a worldwide market research firm. We asked them about their challenges and their plans going forward in this time of major changes in the mobility landscape. The results were insightful, so we’re sharing the information with you.

In the 2018 Edition, key transit decision-makers from 5 countries were surveyed—the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Highlights of the survey results from Canadian transit leaders are shown below. Overall, they are very committed to ensuring that passengers have a positive experience when they ride public transportation, and they are highly committed to harnessing and integrating new digital mobility options to attract and retain passengers.

Transdev Canada has many assets to become the trusted partner of the territories and can help clients make a successful transition to the mobility of the future. Our teams are at your disposal across Canada, to ensure that a present or future collaboration is most fruitful for the economic development of your regions and the quality of life of your citizens.

Canadian Transit Leaders are Committed to Ensuring Passengers Have a Good Transit Experience


plan to improve the passenger experience


plan to improve modal integration


plan to offer a diversity of payment channels


plan to use data science to increase knowledge about riders

Canadian Transit Leaders Plan to Be Aggressive in New Mobility


are interested in creating digital platforms with all-in-one functionality


have a high interest in Mobility as a Service to plan, book and pay for mobility


are interested in using first- and last-kilometer solutions for enhancing services


are interested in testing autonomous vehicles

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