A recognized player in the paratransit sector, Transdev spares no effort to offer quality transport to physically and cognitively challenged passengers. Our mission is to ensure that we keep them safe, provide service that suits their needs, and contribute to their health and increased independence and social interaction by taking them where they need to go.

We operate several paratransit contracts for transit authority clients in Montreal, including Marguerite d’Youville and RTL in Longueuil, and many more in Ontario, including London, Saint-Thomas or Hamilton-Kichtener.

The combination of our trained staff, dedicated vehicles and technology together deliver a safe and comfortable passenger experience. Our dispatchers and schedulers work diligently to meet the specific needs and requirements of each passenger. Our employees receive very specific and focused training which is designed to ensure their safety and comfort, as well as demonstrate appropriate sensitivity to the emotional and physical needs of passengers.

We offer operational processes and solutions that are adapted to each client’s operation, and at competitive prices. We are dedicated to helping our clients ensure that all citizens in the communities we serve have access to public transport that is safe and comfortable, and that equity and access are deeply respected principles.

Non-Emergency Patient Transfer

Transdev has a non-emergency medical transportation service covering more than 80 hospitals and 200 long-term care facilities across the Ontario region. Our subsidiary Voyago transports patients to and from hospitals, medical institutions, care centres and retirement homes. Transdev operates a fleet of 148 vehicles, including ambulances and life-supported minibuses, all designed to comply with Ontario’s non-emergency medical transportation regulations.

We are proud to offer a fast and reliable transfer that everyone can rely on: our teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are trained to respond to all situations and can adapt based on the conditions or needs of the patient.

3,000 managers trained in safety

24,600 buses in 13 countries

170 fully electric buses

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